Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera adansonii)

PanTerra Pets


We offer a variety of organically grown, pesticide-free live plants that are safe to plant in your pet's enclosure! All our plants are grown right here on-site at PanTerra Pets!

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera adansonii) is  a species in the Araceae family, and it is widespread across South America and Central America. It commonly grows near river valleys at lower elevations. Monstera adansonii is known for its beautiful heart-shaped leaves. The leaves contain large oval-shaped perforations, which lead to its common name of "swiss cheese plant".

The Swiss cheese plant is extremely easy to care for, and it loves to climb! The plant has aerial roots that it uses to brace against the ground or any available support it can find. In the wild, it will use these roots to push itself up onto an adjoining tree or woody vines nearby, so be sure to prune regularly, to keep your plant to the desired size!

Monstera adansonii prefers moist humid conditions, and bright indirect light. The foliage can easily burn if it's exposed to too much direct sun, so keep that in mind when deciding where to plant this plant in a living vivarium.

The plants we sell here are starter plants, which means they are small enough to fit in a 7 inch tall terrarium, but if they are well taken care of, they will grow much larger than that and will make excellent additions to your larger living vivariums as well!

WE SHIP ALL OUR PLANTS BARE ROOT, but if you are not ready to plant them right away, they can be kept in a window, or under an artificial light source in a small vase with water for several weeks without issue, just don't let them dry up, the roots must always stay submerged under water!

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