About us


Sarah Kotora | PanTerra Pets


My primary job is in the software industry, where I spend 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, writing technical documentation. Thankfully, I have a boss who is very flexible and supportive of my unique interest in uncommon pets, allowing me to work from home when I am waiting for an important delivery for the business. I also work for an awesome company that even let me bring in a mantis, "Eden," to keep in the office as the office mascot!  When I get home, I am the one who primarily handles all of the day-to-day care of all the animals we sell, as well as our breeders, and their feeders. I also am the one who handles most customer relations and communication, and responds to most of the emails we get from our customers and suppliers. In addition, I write all of the caresheets and most of the other content posted on this website.

What inspired me to start PanTerraPets.com?

I’ve had a fascination with critters and small pets ever since I was a small child. Growing up with woods behind my house and a pond nearby, I was always outside catching insects, frogs, and lizards in my backyard, and in the backyards of anyone we would visit. I would carry around my insect field guide to identify and learn about each species I found. As a teenager, I discovered reptile and exotic animal shows, and even today I get an adrenaline rush every time I go to these shows. I just love getting the opportunity to talk to everyone face-to-face and share knowledge and experiences with people who are equally as passionate about these creatures as I am, especially since there are many people I interact with in daily life that just don’t understand or appreciate my fascination with these creatures in the same way. Today, with the internet revolution, there are so many new ways to enjoy the hobby via online communities, forums, and informational websites, but my passion for these creatures and the hobbyist community has never wavered.