Shipping & Store Policies

Protect Our Ecology

We ship all across the lower 48 States.  However, please understand that many species available on this site may not be native to your area, and should NEVER be released outdoors.  Even if a species is commonly found where you live, it could actually be INVASIVE, and you should always avoid being part of the problem.  Potentially putting your local ecology at risk is NOT cool.
So please, NEVER release your pets or their feeders outdoors.

“But, what if I can’t care for my pet mantis anymore?”

Most mantises will only live for about a year, tops – that’s shorter than most fish, and certainly shorter than a dog or cat.  We think you can handle the commitment!  Of course, situations can and do change, in which case maybe you can give your pet to a responsible friend.  If you don’t have any friends (perhaps because you can’t handle commitment?), we are sure you’ll have no trouble finding a grateful new owner on any of the fantastic mantis discussion forums you can find on the web. And if you really have no other options, please choose to humanely euthanize your mantis in the freezer.

Live Shipments:

In order to minimize the time in transit (especially since most of our shipments will contain live products), we generally only ship packages on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings so they don't sit in a postal facility over the weekend. Shipping days may be adjusted for holidays.

Shipping in Extreme Temperatures:

Although we include heat packs, cold packs, insulated boxes, etc., for FREE as needed, we reserve the right to delay shipment of live products if the forecasted temperatures in your area or ours are above 90°F or below 40°F.  We will notify you as soon as possible if this is the case, but you should also check your own forecast before placing your order.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

Due to potential shipping events outside of our control, we offer a Live Arrival Guarantee for live products shipped via Express shipping only.  You may choose Priority mail shipping at your own risk, which is still generally highly reliable.  At this time, we cannot offer First Class postage.

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(This page last updated Nov 12, 2017)