Indian Grass Mantis (S. Bicornis)

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The Indian Grass Mantis (Schizocephala bicornis) is extremely rare in the hobby, and we are so fortunate to have been successful in this breeding project and to be able to share them with you! Don't miss out, because you really might not get another chance at these. Once we sell out of this generation, it will likely be close to a year before we even have another chance for a next generation.

They have a lengthy and extremely thin body, with extremely long legs and antennae. Their antennae stay together and stick straight out at all times, adding to their mimicry of a blade of grass.  They come in two distinct color patterns. Some are grass green with white accents on their face and raptors, and some are primarily tan and brown with white accents across their entire bodies.

Native to India, they prefer it a bit on the warmer side, and not very humid. They should be kept between 80°F and 90°F, and at least 30% relative humidity (RH), but preferably in the 50%-60% range. These mantises are generally communal, as it is not easy for them to take down something the size of themselves, due to their extremely small raptors. They can take down other Indian Grass mantises that are smaller than themselves if they are hungry enough, so make sure everyone is the same size if you decide to keep a community of these guys.

Mantises currently for sale are generally L4/L5 nymphs, and are currently eating Hydei fruit flies. Be sure to have the proper prey items on hand when your mantis arrives.

For more information, check out our Indian Grass Mantis Caresheet.


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