Grizzled Mantis (G. grisea)

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The Gizzled (Gonatista grisea) mantis is a tree-dwelling mantis, native to the southern US, mainly Florida. These mantises are rarely seen in nature due to their excellent camouflage. Their speckled gray or green color mimics the lichen found on tree branches almost flawlessly, while the pattern of the markings on their bodies make them look like they have a texture to them, much like the texture of tree bark! They usually rest completely still, pressing their bodies completely flat against tree limbs for concealment from predators.

Being a fairly small mantis, they do not require a lot of space, but will do best with thick tree branches and pieces of tree bark to hang from inside their enclosure. This will keep them feeling safe and secure. They prefer higher humidity environments (70% RH and above as adults), but can handle lower humidity levels than that as well, if necessary.  As nymphs you must be careful to mist their enclosures very lightly, with a very fine mist.  Since they have such short legs, and like to rest flat against surfaces, they can easily drown in a drop of water when young.  Therefore, you must also make sure the substrate stays moist but not sopping wet, and that no puddles are allowed to form on the bottom of the enclosure. The most comfortable temperature range for them is between 80F and 90F, but they are pretty hearty, so slightly lower temperatures are ok too. These mantises are not communal.

Nymphs currently for sale are 3rd or 4th instar (L3/L4), meaning they have already molted 2-3 times. They are currently eating  fruit flies, so be sure to have the proper prey items on hand when your mantis arrives.

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