Giant Asian Mantis (H. membranacea)

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Hierodula is a genus of mantis which contains many different species below it. Each species varies a bit in color and appearance, but for the most part, all specimens in this genus are large, and are native throughout Asia. Due to the size and classic shape of this genus of mantis, mantises under the Hierodula umbrella are some of the most popular and commonly kept pet mantises in the hobby. Not to mention they are great for beginners, and are known to be hardy and easy to keep and breed!

The Giant Asian mantis (Hierodula membranacea) is most often green with red highlights, but can also range from yellow, to beige, to brown as well.

They have voracious appetites, and it is fascinating to watch them aggressively hunt down fairly large prey! They are not your sit and wait kind of predators, like so many other mantises.

These mantises are not tolerant of high humidity levels, and should be kept in well-ventilated enclosures such as mesh or screen cages, with silk plants (such as an Ivy Branch, Leafy Branch, Orchid Flower, or White Flower) and an easily disposable substrate such as sphagnum moss, or even just a paper towel that you can change once a week. Humidity levels in the enclosure should be kept in the range of 40% to 60% RH. These mantises are one of the most highly cannibalistic of all mantis species, and should be individually housed after the second instar.

The single mantises currently for sale are generally 3rd  or 4th instar (L3/L4), meaning they have already molted 2-3 times and are eating fruit flies.

Be sure to have the proper prey items on hand when your mantis arrives.

For more information, check out our
Giant Asian Mantis Caresheet.


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