Flightless Fruit Fly Starter Culture

PanTerra Pets


These small fruit fly cultures are the perfect starter size to go with your new mantis pet.
We sell two types of fruit flies: D. melanogaster  (flightless or wingless) and D. hydei (flightless).
D. melanogaster fruit flies are approximately 1/16th inch long, small enough for almost any young mantis nymph, and should get your mantis through it's first few instars. D. hydei fruit flies are approximately 1/8th inch long, good for older nymphs of most mantis species, and should be used as feeders until your mantis is ready to move onto larger prey items such as house flies and blue bottle flies. 
We provide our fruit fly cultures in 9 oz Solo cups, which stand about 4" tall and 3" wide, and are made of recyclable PET plastic. (When finished, just place them in the freezer for a couple of days, knock the frozen media into the trash or compost, and then recycle the cup and lid.)
We sell our cultures already producing, and they should continue to produce for an additional 3-5 weeks after your purchase.
And, we use only Repashy SuperFly premium fruit fly culture media for maximum nutritional value for your pets!

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