32oz Deli Cups & Vented Lids

PanTerra Pets


Deli cups and vented lids are a must-have when raising pet insects and other small terrarium pets, because they are good for...well, many, many things!  Whether you need temporary homes for mantis pets while they are still small nymphs, plan to culture your own fruit flies or wax worms, or need a safe and secure place to hatch out a mantis egg-case or some blue bottle fly pupae, nothing beats these cheap and disposable deli cups. They are truly a must-have for any insect hobbyist!

Our 32-ounce deli cups are clearer than the name brand deli cups you'll commonly find elsewhere, yet they are still compatible with standard size lids.

Our lids are available in two styles:

  • Punched Vented Lids - Hundreds of tiny pinholes are small enough to prevent the escape of small insects such as fruit flies. These lids allow for reduced airflow to help retain moisture inside the cup, and are great for culturing feeder insects in drier environments. They can even be washed and reused. Not recommended for raising mantis nymphs, as the nymphs are prone to lose their grip while molting.
  • Fabric Vented Lids - Dozens of larger holes are covered by a thin layer of poly fabric, allowing greater airflow and increased ventilation without allowing fruit flies to escape. These lids are a must-have for housing mantis nymphs, as it provides the appropriate material for their little feed to hold onto when hanging upside-down to molt.

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