Repashy SuperFly - Fruit Fly Culture Media


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Repashy’s instant formula for Drosophila culture.  This premium mixture is fortified with minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and carotenoids in order to maximize the nutritional value of fruit flies when used as feeders.

  • 1 oz of powder typically makes 1 regular size culture (32 oz deli cup)

DIRECTIONS: To make a typical culture (32 oz size deli container) add between 3 tablespoons (typical when using boiling water) and 4 tablespoons (typical when using hot tap water) SuperFly medium to 2/3 cup prepared water and stir until blended. Finished mixture should be thin enough to flatten out when container is tapped on table. Add water or medium to adjust consistency if necessary. Let cool before adding flies. Add flies and keep at approx 75F. Culture should begin to produce larvae in 5 - 15 days and flies in 10 - 30 days depending on temperature and species. Makes up to one culture per dry ounce.

Refrigeration will extend freshness


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