PanTerra's Box - Praying Mantis Habitat

PanTerra Pets


A high-quality, upgraded habitat kit that is a real miniature living vivarium! Great for most nymphs, or full grown adults of some smaller species, such as male Orchid, or Peruvian Leaf mantises.

The kit includes: crystal clear acrylic enclosure (4"x4"x8.5") with premium vented lid, 4-layer substrate (vermiculite false bottom, fabric barrier, ABG soil layer, and natural leaf litter* or sphagnum moss*), live microfauna (temperate springtails and dwarf white or dwarf purple isopods), a live plant and a natural perching branch.

Pamper your mantis!

 For more information about proper care and maintenance of PanTerra's Box, see the following blog post: What's Inside PanTerra's Box?

*Note: If either option (leaf litter or sphagnum moss) shows out of stock, feel free to order the other option and include a comment in the shopping cart before checking out.

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