New Zealand Sphagnum MossI



Sphagnum Moss has a wide range of uses, and makes an ideal substrate layer in even the simplest, to the most elaborate vivarium setups. Sphagnum Moss can absorb and retain incredible amounts of moisture, which helps to maintain consistent relative humidity in the enclosure. Sphagnum Moss is very slow to break down, so it lasts a long time. And, it has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
It can be used in a living vivarium setup between the substrate and top layer, such as living moss or leaf litter, to prevent the substrate from sticking to your pets and to increase the suitable environment for microfauna. Because of its natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, Sphagnum Moss is even great by itself for a simple substrate in a temporary or quarantine enclosure.
Sphagnum Moss also has many horticultural uses. It makes a fantastic growing medium for many plants and cuttings when growing or propagating plants, and it is especially suited for growing many kinds of epiphytes, like orchids and bromeliads.

Both size packages of Sphagnum Moss come to you dried, and will need to be rehydrated by soaking in water prior to use.
  • The 100g package is compressed for easy shipping and storage, but expands to produce 8L (1.76gal) of moss when hydrated.
  • The 150g package is dried, but not compressed, and expands to produce 12L (2.64gal) of moss when hydrated.

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