What's Inside PanTerra's Box?

PanTerra's Box is literally a miniworld for your mantis; a living, breathing, dynamic ecosystem that is largely self-sustaining, but needs a little bit of TLC from you to sustain and thrive.
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Tricks to Prevent Flying Insect Escapees at Feeding Time

For some people, the idea of having to feed praying mantises flying insects is a major turn off, and prevents them from adopting a praying mantis as a pet. Using these tricks, you will never have a single flying insect escapee during feeding time ever again! :D

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Is it Safe to Feed Crickets to Your Praying Mantis?

Crickets may seem like a convenient feeder option because they are affordable and readily available in a range of sizes from pinheads to adults. While it may be true that some mantis keepers regularly feed crickets without any problems, many others have used crickets and experienced "unexplained" symptoms ranging from vomiting to death.

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