Isopod and Springtail Combo (Dwarf White or Dwarf Purple)

PanTerra Pets


Shipped in 16 oz deli cups with moist ABG mix as substrate, each culture has at least 20 individual isopods and too many springtails to count, which is more than enough to seed a small vivarium or start a colony of your own!  Pick between Dwarf White or Dwarf Purple isopods - both reproduce prolifically in warm/humid environments.

Isopods play the general role of tank janitors, by cleaning up after all the messes your terrarium pet makes in its home, while springtails primarily feed on mold. Isopods are often grouped together with springtails, and this group of invertebrates are referred to collectively as “microfauna.” Microfauna play an extremely important role in the nutrient cycling of the living vivarium, by breaking down excess waste, as well as feeding on various life stages of fungus gnats, phorid flies, mites and mold, keeping everything in your tiny ecosystem balanced and in check!

When you seed your pet’s terrarium with microfauna, the microfauna will feed on droppings, shed skins, dead plant matter, and even the remains of the prey insects that your pet sometimes drops during feeding time.

Lastly, they make a great snack! (Not for you, for your pets!) Many small frogs and other carnivorous insects will prey on the isopods and springtails that they find roaming their cage from time-to-time.

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